Lab Creations Catalog: Some Holiday Gift Ideas

by Tanya
Tanya Rogers FSU Coastal & Marine Lab

Shopping for gifts this winter? May I suggest one of these unique Kimbro Lab inventions, available for a limited time:


The Aquaclaw:

Debuted by technician Evan after conveniently breaking his hand before a long stint of marine field work, this dual glove and zip tie hybrid can protect a non-removable cast from seawater and spray, while allowing for finger mobility and dexterity. Lightweight and available in an array of fashionable colors. (Not waterproof when fully submerged.)



Decopod Extracto-Bar

Need to extract stone crabs from their burrows, but worried about losing a finger? Try out Evan’s latest invention for prying stubborn crustaceans from their subterranean homes. Forged of the highest quality rebar available, this tool is optimally angled for maximum crab-removal effectiveness. Highly durable, with antique rust finish and a handle for increased leverage.



These stunning olive-green pendants are artfully fashioned by Tanya from leftover quantities of our favorite marine epoxy. Monofilament chain included. Inquire about her complete line of z-spar jewelry and sculpture. Custom pieces available.


Happy Holidays!

We hope you enjoyed this last little bit of fun for the year.  When we come back in 2013, Randall Hughes and David Kimbro get serious about animal behavior.  The consequences of oyster, crab, and conch behavior could mean life or death, or life in fear.  And as research begins in the decimated oyster reefs of Apalachicola Bay, they’ll put their theories about predators to the test.

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