Wakulla Green- by Hot Tamale

by Rob Diaz de Villegas
Rob Diaz de Villegas WFSU-TV

IGOR chip- human appreciation 150The Wakulla Ecotourism Institute has a program to certify qualified nature guides called “Green Guides.” On October 1, 2011, my musical group Hot Tamale is putting on a special show at Posh Java in Sopchoppy that will honor the green guides with the release of a new song called “Wakulla Green.”

-Excerpt from a comment by Craig Reeder.

Above is the song  Craig was talking about in his comment on our EcoAdventures North Florida page.  Thanks to his comment, we found out about the Green Guide program, and we produced a couple of EcoAdventures where we were guided by Green Guides.  On last night’s dimensions, we were taken down the St. Marks River by Captain James Hodges.  We featured portions of the song in our piece, and I thought some of you who saw the piece might like to hear the song in its entirety.  In January, we’ll have a video about our trip down the Wacissa with George Weymouth and Jim Dulock.

Green Guide George Weymouth points something out to WFSU producer Rob Diaz de Villegas.

We’re starting to line up a good assortment of excursions for the new year- swamps, pitcher plants, fishing, scalloping- those are just a few of the things we’ve been talking to some of our local experts about.  Of course, many of you know your corner of the panhandle better than anyone else.  If you know where we should be adventuring, all you have to do is let us know…

If you missed Wednesday’s broadcast of dimensions featuring the St. Marks EcoAdventure, you can watch it again on Sunday morning at 10 AM/ ET on WFSU-TV.  If you’re not watching TV on Christmas, then we’ll have it for you here next week.  Happy Holidays!

Comments are always welcome.  You can share your experiences or suggestions for future pieces here.
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craig reeder December 23, 2011 - 8:59 am

A very fine studio recording of the song can be downloaded at iTunes for $0.99. All proceeds go to the scholarship fund for Green Guides. The song was produced byt Rick Ott and recorded at the From the Heart Studio in Sopchoppy.

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