Paddling the Apalachicola River- RiverTrek 2012

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The Apalachicola River

Eleven paddlers started near the Florida/ Georgia border and kayaked the length of the Apalachicola River to raise awareness for issues affecting the river basin and to fundraise for the Apalachicola Riverkeeper.  In the Grass, On the Reef joined the adventure, with producer Rob Diaz de Villegas making the trip from the Woodruff Dam to the Gorrie Bridge.

Apalachicola Riverkeeper is a member driven organization that negotiates with officials and organizations with a stake in the Apalachicola/ Chattachootchee/ Flint basin.  Their goal is to ensure adequate water flow to the many ecologically and economically sensitive habitats dependent on the Apalachicola.

Jennifer and Chris in their tandemRiverTrek Part 1
On days 1 and 2, the trekkers paddled the upper Apalachicola, camping and resting on wide sandbars overlooked by tall river bluffs.  They explored the area around the river as well, where a hike in Torreya State Park leads to impromptu spelunking, and the trekkers climb the tallest river bluff in Florida.

Shrimp Boats in Apalachicola, FLRiverTrek Part 2
Record low water flow for the Apalachicola River has crashed Florida’s leading oyster producer.  Trekkers, oystermen, and the Riverkeeper himself reflect on the state of the river and bay.  On Days 3 through 5, the paddlers leave behind tall bluffs and scale the largest testament to Army Corps of Engineers dredging of the river- Sand Mountain.