Crown Conchs Overrun Saint Augustine Reefs

Dr. David Kimbro’s St. Augustine research site oyster reefs were once commercially viable but have been failing, and there is an overabundance of a particular oyster predator- the crown conch. David and his lab look into the causes for this sharp decline. Read more this week on In the Grass, On the Reef.

Saint Augustine

David and his crew raced around their four North Florida sites last October, in part to start a new experiment. This is what they did: They tore up small chunks of local reefs, located oyster spat on shells, cut the shell segments containing spat into similarly sized bits, and glued those bits onto tiles. Those […]

Notes From the Field: Hermit Crab/Crown Conch Cage Match

To get a handle on the oyster mortality problem south of St. Augustine, Hanna Garland staged “cage matches” between the oyster-eating crown conch and one of its predators, the thinstripe hermit crab.