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Lost Creek: Hiking an Ancient Forest

Welcome to Part 4 (of 10) of Roaming the Red Hills, which originally aired on the April 7 episode of WFSU’s Local Routes.  Through ten 3-minute videos, we’ll explore the natural soul of the Red Hills of Florida and Georgia, from the pine uplands down to its rivers, lakes, and farms.  Thanks to Tracy Horenbein for creating original compositions for this video series.  The series is narrated by Jim McMurtry. 

Funding for Roaming the Red Hills was provided by Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Conservancy.

Rob Diaz de Villegas WFSU-TV

“There’s a lot of effort to restore longleaf.  I don’t know that there’s a lot of effort to restore slope forests like this (one).”  I’m talking to Beth Grant, founder and president of Lost Creek Forest in Thomasville, Georgia.  Lost Creek is located in the land of Red Hills hunting plantations, where landowners dutifully burn longleaf forest to create an open habitat for quail (with the small added benefit of promoting the plant and animal biodiversity of hundreds of other species).  When properly burned, it seems like you can see forever between widely spaced pines.  Then, maybe,  you turn your head and your view is blocked by a shadowy spot in the canopy.  Instead of longleaf pine and grasses, this place is hardwood trees and vines, and the ground is covered with leaves.  There may be a creek, or a river, or some other stream just beyond those hardwoods.  That darker place next to the longleaf forest is an ecosystem that separates it from the water- a slope forest. Continue reading