Alligator Harbor

David and his crew raced around their four North Florida sites last October, in part to start a new experiment. This is what they did: They tore up small chunks of local reefs, located oyster spat on shells, cut the shell segments containing spat into similarly sized bits, and glued those bits onto tiles. Those tiles were then left on reefs from the same location. This will allow David and his Co-PI’s (who also conducted the experiment) to see how oysters grow in a given area- how fast they grow, how often they get eaten or just die. You may notice empty spots on the tile after the first month or two- the experiment is being redeployed soon with stronger glue. We’ll have those tiles when they’re deployed, and the slideshow will be updated every month as new photos are taken by the research team.

This tile is from Alligator Harbor (October 2010- January 2011)