Learning the fundamentals math skills with Peg+Cat!

Touch up on your math skills by tuning into Peg+Cat! Peg + Cat is a PBS animated children television series that follows Peg and her sidekick Cat as they embark on adventures solving problems together. Peg+ Cat is a good show to tune into to really learn the fundamentals pre-math skills with your kids! This will come in very handy later on in their lives as it will serve them well in college, work, and everyday life. The target audience is 3- 5 years old. We all know keeping the attention of preschoolers can be very challenging at times.
The average attention span for 3-5 years old is 10-15 minutes. Keeping this in mind, each episode of Peg+Cat is only 11 minutes long to keep kids engaged! Peg+ Cat makes problems cool by incorporating characters that kids can relate to and integrating activities such as, playing games, brainstorming, improvising, and singing songs!
The problem presented in each episode isn’t just math related or strictly academic. In the beginning of each episode, Peg and her friends are face with a huge crisis and solves each issue through humor and working together. This is a way to help kids to develop the skills they will need in order to deal with issues that they will face inside and outside of the classroom. The ultimate goal of this show is to make kids think of math as fun and exciting! After viewing an episode of Peg+ Cat kids will be one step closer to being well-rounded! To check your local listings to see the time and dates that Peg+ Cat comes on click HERE. Check out this website to bake Peg+ Cat POPULAR Honey Cake!