Does Technology have a Role to Play in Early Education?

WFSU knows that it does! Programs like Super Why! are leading the way in modeling responsible usage of technology that is appropriate for young children. Children see their older siblings and parents texting and on using the computer for all sorts of things. We found this interesting article about technology and early education and if you have a moment… please check it out! Here is an introduction to the blog, the link will follow:

Does technology have a role to play in early childhood education?  The debate about this question is escalating.  Into the debate comes a report from the Sesame Workshop (admittedly not an objective third party in the debate), “Families Matter: Designing Media for a Digital Age“.  This report documents how digital technology is changing the rhythm of family life. The report finds that families are in a transition period, one in which parents recognize the importance of technology in their children’s learning and future success, but don’t always grant them access to the newer forms of media transforming their own adult lives. Does Technology have a Role to Play in Early Education?