New Arthur Family Health Website!

PBS KIDS just recently announced the launch of a new mobile friendly website based on our very own Arthur called,“Arthur Family Health.” The website is designed to assist parents and educators with talking to their kids about important health related issues  ranging from asthma, food allergies and nutrition, to fitness and resilience. The website builds on the eighteen-year history of addressing   challenging topics while making it kids friendly and understandable for kids. We know that dealing with your kids’ health can be challenging at times which is why Arthur and his friends are here to help!
Each section of the Arthur Family Health site contains interactive contents that include: tips, games, videos, and background information on the topic. Kids have the option of playing a Lung Defender arcade game that shows the lungs function during an asthma attack, and other health issues related games. All of the resources provided on the website were reviewed by health experts from US medical institutions such as, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. It is important to keep in mind that the new website is for informational purposes on the health issues listed and is not a substitute for independent medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Check out the NEW Arthur Family Health website HERE.