Raising Strong Readers



 Educational researchers have found that there is a strong correlation between reading and academic success. Reading skills are critical for children’s development!  Here at WFSU we offer The Super Why Summer Camp program, which is a three week long program that targets children between ages 4-6, who have difficulties with reading .To help kids practice key literacy skills, we incorporate a lot of fun activities such as, body movement exercises, interactive literacy games, and branded music! This approach has been a huge success in the past as kids tend to take a liking to it!

PBS KIDS also really want kids to have a complex vocabulary as it is a good indication on whether they will be good readers in the future. To help with building a strong vocabulary you can always tune in to Martha Speaks. Martha Speaks is a really cool animated series on PBS KIDS that target viewers between the ages of four and seven. The main objective of Martha Speaks is to help kids reading comprehension skills by introducing them to new words in each series.  Check out these real cool activities and games!