Developing Healthy Eating Habits

whole foods marketEating healthy is very important in everyday dietary. PBS KIDS encourage kids and parents to eat healthy .Eating healthy will help you feel at your best , have plenty of energy, and it will also help you deal with stress better. It is important to encourage kids at a young age to practice healthy eating habits because it makes them grow into healthy confident adults. Eating healthy can also prevent and control many health problems, such as: Heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer. How do you get started on eating healthy? Well….First you have to START! Healthy eating habits develop by replacing foods with lots of fat, salt and sugar, and replacing it with fresh fruits and vegetables! Keep these tips in mind when shopping for Healthy Food! Aim for balance- too much of one thing is never good, try to eat from each food group. Look for Variety- Don’t be afraid to switch things up sometimes and try a new fruit or vegetable, Do Not Starve Yourself- This is a mistake that many people tend to make; eating healthy does not mean you can’t eat a balance diet…YES you can still eat your favorite candy! Just make sure this is done in MODERATION. Check out your local Whole Foods Market to shop for organic food. Here are some fun, creative tips to add more fruit and vegetables to your child’s diet :

1.)Top a bowl of whole grain cereal with a smiley face: banana slices for eyes, raisins for nose, peach or apple slice for mouth
2.) Create a food collage
3.) Keep lots of fresh fruits and veggies washed and available as snacks instead of chips.
4.) Have your kids pick out new fruits to try to make it more interesting.
5.) Present the food as a game or cut the food into unusual shape.