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Martha will Appear at TYTS’ Splash and Dash Event June 2nd!


Photo courtesy of Natalie Maus

WFSU is excited to be a part of the Tallahassee Youth Triathlon Series’ “Splash and Dash” event and party on June 2nd. After the swimming and running races the participants and their families will gather in front of our station to have a party, and we will be there with fun Martha Speaks™ themed activities. Even Martha herself will make an appearance! So, if your children are participating in the races, make sure to stop by and say hi!

WFSU is also thrilled to have volunteers from the Leon County Humane Society coming out to take the Martha fun to the next level. Volunteers will have dogs for children to pet and play with, and will be sharing information about pet adoption. Families will be able to learn more about how they can adopt their very own puppy, just like Helen adopted Martha in the PBS KIDS show Martha Speaks™.

The “Splash and Dash” event will take place at the FSU Morcom Aquatic Center on Pottsdamer Road. The party will be across the street in front of WFSU. The races begin at 8:30.

PBS Teachers Transitioning to PBS LearningMedia

pbs-learningmedia-150x150On June 1st, PBS Teachers will be transitioning to PBS LearningMedia. Start exploring today with information from their site:

On June 1, 2013, the PBS Teachers site will officially transition to PBS LearningMedia – THE destination for PreK-12 educators – now offering over 30,000 FREE, curriculum-aligned digital resources!
PBS LearningMedia provides you with all the resources you love, plus thousands of additional interactive games, videos, and audio clips designed to ignite learning in your classroom.

  • Bookmark the site and create a profile on PBS LearningMedia to begin accessing premier content today.
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New Study Shows the Global Impact of Sesame Street

Courtesy of Sesame Workshop/ITVS

Courtesy of Sesame Workshop/ITVS

Sesame Workshop, the creator and producer of the popular children’s show Sesame Street™, has recently released the results of a study evaluating the effectiveness of Sesame Street™ around the world, and the results are very positive. Overall results showed an 11.6 percentile difference in the areas tested (e.g. cognitive and social skills) between viewers and nonviewers of the show.

According to Sesame Workshop:

“More than 1,000 studies show that Sesame Street reaches children across many countries and cultures in every demographic group, and that preschoolers who watch do significantly better on a whole range of cognitive outcomes —than those who don’t.”

Sesame Workshop believes that the reason for their show’s success is adaption, and keeping their material relevant to a young child’s life and the problems that children face. Recently, for example, Sesame Street™ has added math and science content in response to the national focus on STEM in schools. Sesame Workshop even responded to the growing concern about childhood obesity by having Cookie Monster start eating fruits and vegetables. To learn more about the workshop and its efforts across the globe, see this video.

Sesame Street™ is broadcast (under slightly different names and with country specific content and characters) in over 150 countries around the globe and reaches over 150 million young children. To get a better idea of Sesame’s global reach, see this interactive map. The skills that Sesame Street™ helps young children learn include: literacy and numeracy, emotional well-being, health and wellness, and respect and understanding.

We encourage you to explore the Sesame Workshop website and read about all the amazing things that they are accomplishing, and learn how you can best utilize Sesame Street™ in your home and/or classroom!



Happy Mother’s Day!

PBS Kids and Parents has something to offer kid and mothers on this special occasion. Keep reading for details.

Sid the Science Kid on PBS Kids!Celebrate Mom this week with Sid the Science Kid!
A special video of Sid and his friends sing “My Mom is Cool!”


Mother’s Day Card:
Visit PBS Parents to print out a card for your Super Duper Oooper Shmooper Mom!

Mother’s Day Episode: “Special Mom Day Meal”
Friday, May 10 @ 11:30 am ET
Sid declares that it’s a special Mom Day, so he makes Mom French toast for breakfast.  When Sid smells the French toast and his stomach growls, he wonders if his stomach is trying to talk to him.  When Sid and his friends investigate at school, they discover that the stomach makes noise when it’s getting ready for digestion.

Happy Mother’s Day!