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Flu Vaccinations: Resources for Teachers and Parents

Every year hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. are affected by the flu. The first month of 2013 has already seen severe outbreaks across the country. Many strains of the virus can be prevented through vaccination. However, because schools do not require flu shots, parents must decide if they will have their children vaccinated, or not. For many parents, the toughest decision is not whether to give their child the flu shot, but how to stop them from screaming, crying or having a meltdown at the doctor’s office.

Parents and teachers can find excellent resources from and other educational media outlets, such as The Fred Rogers Company, that offer suggestions on how to prepare children for a visit to the doctor.

There is an entire Sid the Science Kid™ episode (Getting a Shot: You Can Do It) dedicated to informing youngsters about the importance of getting a flu shot, as well as printable activities and an online game to go with the show.

The Fred Rogers Company website offers a Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood™ video that deals with getting a shot, as well as discussion and activity suggestions for parents and teachers to utilize at home and in the classroom.

Additional links: The Fred Rogers Company, parent resources:; Information about preventing the flu:

One-hour Special Dinosaur Train “Submarine Adventure” Premiering Monday, February 18

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