RiverTrek Day 2: Waking Up

Rob Diaz de Villegas WFSU-TV


Good morning from Rob on Georgia’s phone! It’s easier for me to post from here. Last night, I had dreams about uploading blog posts. When I woke up, a barred owl was calling near the camp. After a few calls, I heard a response from aways off, I think across the river. They called back and forth a while. Much better than dreaming about blogs. Everyone is up and getting ready to hike Alum Bluff.



About Rob

Rob Diaz de Villegas is a senior producer and editor for WFSU-TV. Rob covers ecology, managing the National Science Foundation funded In the Grass, On the Reef project. Previously, Rob produced and directed WFSU’s music program, outloud. He has also produced a number of ecology and music related documentaries and was selected the PBS Producers Workshop, a program that grooms up-and-coming producers to create programs for national broadcast.

One thought on “RiverTrek Day 2: Waking Up

  1. Owl talk in the wild trumps political yammering here in “civilization” and I use the term loosely. Me and the van set out for Apalach today–while not as riveting as paddling against a pristine backdrop, I must say we get along well the substandard sound system notwithstanding. Paddle on my heros.

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