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My favorite part of an experiment: getting to see how treatments affected your samples.

Team NC closed one whole site today while Team GA is struggling with poor tides. Team Fl is only 1/2 finished with one site because of poor tides. Hope a switch in the wind tomorrow will improve the tide.

Ok, on to the third coffee of the day!



Hey y’all.

Heading out to breakdown the experiment. Everyone is worried about low tide not being low enough to expose reefs and allow for breakdown; fingers crossed.



Howdy folks. Just raced over to st Augustine to quickly take down experiment before hurricane lands. I’ll check in tomorrow to let you see how the breakdown is going.

This is photo of Evan and Tanya helping me plan for tomorrow.



This one is for all you animal lovers! WFSU’s dimensions producer and In the Grass, On the Reef contributor Mike Plummer takes a look at a nonprofit that cares for animals in need, including screech owls and deer, as well as some of the critters we see out along the coast like ospreys and pelicans.  Enjoy!

Here is a video from SciGirls II visit with Dr. Randall Hughes at the FSU Coastal and Marine Lab. Enjoy!