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We finished the first pass of sample processing for site one. Now, we are waiting for the evening tide to drop so that we can begin breaking down our second site.

Crew is a little grumpy because I keep getting us to the sites too early!


20110901-071441.jpgHey y’all

Started things back up on Monday. The winds have turned two day job into four days, but we finally finished site harvesting reefs today. Now must be good scientists by cleaning up after ourselves. Then, lots of samples to work through at lab.

Photo of cages minus reef. Feel like a pig in mud lately.



The tide normally doesn’t look this high. This means that Irene is causing the water level to surge and will probably prevent a good low tide tomorrow.

So, we accomplished 1/2 of our goals and must now wait for Irene to clear out before cranking up the break down machine again.

But from a cursory inspection of our samples, I can already see some very interesting results. More later.


20110824-090030.jpgHey y’all

Waiting for the tide to drop so that we can get started this morning. Maybe a few more crossed fingers will give us a better tide today!

Thank goodness we are out of the path of Irene. But we must continue with breakdown because the ball is already in motion for all our teams on the east coast.

Will check in with y’all later.



My favorite part of an experiment: getting to see how treatments affected your samples.

Team NC closed one whole site today while Team GA is struggling with poor tides. Team Fl is only 1/2 finished with one site because of poor tides. Hope a switch in the wind tomorrow will improve the tide.

Ok, on to the third coffee of the day!



Hey y’all.

Heading out to breakdown the experiment. Everyone is worried about low tide not being low enough to expose reefs and allow for breakdown; fingers crossed.



Howdy folks. Just raced over to st Augustine to quickly take down experiment before hurricane lands. I’ll check in tomorrow to let you see how the breakdown is going.

This is photo of Evan and Tanya helping me plan for tomorrow.



This one is for all you animal lovers! WFSU’s dimensions producer and In the Grass, On the Reef contributor Mike Plummer takes a look at a nonprofit that cares for animals in need, including screech owls and deer, as well as some of the critters we see out along the coast like ospreys and pelicans.  Enjoy!

Here is a video from SciGirls II visit with Dr. Randall Hughes at the FSU Coastal and Marine Lab. Enjoy!