Voices From The Classroom
Shannon Powell

Shannon PowellShannon started out at Lincoln and she describes herself as a "wild child." She wanted to make her mom proud of her and PACE has helped her get her grades up.  She wants to be a pediatric nurse.  Her future keeps her motivated.

Dontavius Fryson

Dontavius FrysonDontavius aka Skeeter wants to be a rapper and wants to go to Orlando after high school.  He has been at Success Academy for 3 years and it has helped him stay out of trouble and stay focused.  He also believes that you live longer if you smile.

Mikayla Murphy

Mikayla MurphyMikayla started at Rickards, and then moved to Leon where she fell into the wrong crowd.  She started to get her school life together when she came to the Success Academy. If it wasn't for the Success Academy, she may have not made it. She plans on going into cosemtology.

Travaris Wade

Travaris WadeTravaris or T Wade makes a big effort to get to school.  It takes two buses to get to the Success Academy.  He has a passion for basketball and that has helped keep him focused as well as the teachers at Success.  He really appreciates all the support he has gotten to stay on track and in school.

Scout Garrin

Scout GarrinScout attends PACE Center for Girls.  It is a small school and she feels she gets more attention.  It is a very supportive place that is safe and comfortable.  Teens don't feel comfortable talking to adults - they prefer talking to their peers.  She feels pretty smart and definitely wise.

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