Voices From The Classroom
Aarushi Walia

AarushiAarushi is a 7th grader at Fairview Middle School.  She loved the SeaCrest Wolf Preserve SciGirl adventure where she got to hold baby skunks. Her advice to 6th graders is to work hard and challenge yourself. She doesn't want to be just an average girl.

Ria Chadha

RiaRia is in 7th grade at Fairview Middle School.  She found out about SciGirls through the Mag Lab Open House. She really liked going to the SeaCrest Wolf Preserve. She confesses that in life, there really aren't a whole lot of reasons to be bored.

Amelia Hitz

AmeliaAmelia is going into 6th grade and will be going to Cobb Middle School.  This means new teachers and new students. She is a bit nervous but feels like she is prepared.  This past summer she participated in SciGirls and it was really fun.

Michelle Waldman

MichelleMichelle is passionate about school, band, reading and science.  She is a rising sophomore at Chiles High School.  She said that it is important to find your group at school. She loves school and learning.  She said that if you feel negative about learning, you won't like it. Be positive and and you can have an enjoyable time in high school.

Zharia White

ZhariaZharia is going into 9th grade at Lincoln High School.  She is nervous about being organized in order to keep up with the school work. She wasn't zoned for Lincoln but cheerleading got her there.  SciGirls has been a really fun experience and not what she first thought.  It's been hands on and no bookwork.

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