Voices From The Classroom
Charles Moss

CharlesCharles has undergone thirteen surgeries since he was a baby.  Through it all he has perservered and gone on to achieve academic success at Wakulla High School.  He graduates in June and looks forward to attending TCC with the eventual goal of being a math teacher.

Alyssia Martin

AlyssiaAlyssia has really loved her high school experience. She is in a video production class and she has been able to make some really interesting videos.  Recently she produced a video about a friend of hers who died.  Alyssia has a passion for horses so she would like to become a RN where she works at night so she can tend to her horses during the day.

Amaya Mann

amayaAmaya is a senior at Florida High and is the process of applying to college and looking for scholarships. Her parents always made it clear that she would be going to college. After listening to a US Diplomat who visited her school she knew that international affairs was a path she wanted to pursue.

Anthony Davis

AnthonyAnthony started at Rickards but switched to the Success Academy to improve his grades.  He would be the first in his family to graduate.  His mom keeps pushing him.  He loves music and rap and wants to have a career in the music industry.

Kayla Parker

KaylaKayla is a senior at Lincoln High School, and loves it! She thinks it is the best school in Tallahassee. She loves to write and sees a future in film perhaps as a writer/director.  She wants to create children's movies that teach life lessons.

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