Voices From The Classroom
Makayla Payne

Makayla PayneMakayla, or Krista as she is known by her family, is a senior at Wakulla HS.  Cheerleading and weightlifting are over as her last year in high school winds downs.  She has dreams of opening her own restaurant featuring Southern style food.

Errick Sprately

ErrickErrick wants to be a business and finance manager because he is good at math.  He made some bad decisions but the Success Academy has helped him turn around.  His grandmom is his best advocate.  He is looking for a job so that he can save money for college.

Sarah Lott

Sarah LottSarah goes to Florida High and she recently worked on a public service announcement contest where students create a video to address a particular weather condition.  Her group produced a PSA on hurricane preparedness and the PSA is one of three finalists in the state of Florida.

Kristin Cohea

KristinKristin is a junior at Lincoln High School.  She loves to read and is saddened that so many kids don't enjoy reading, and that they are missing out. Thinking about her future Kristen is considering a degree in history from The University of Florida and eventually becoming a history professor.

Nashayshi Matthews

NashayshiNashayshi is a student at the Success Academy.  She has been adopted twice. The first family was not a good fit and she missed a lot of school.  Her second family supports her and her education goals.  Her experiences have made her realize that she is strong and can overcome tremendous obstacles.

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