Voices From The Classroom
Saikrishnapriya Gunasegaran

Saikrishnapriya GunasegaranWhen Sai first came to this country, she didn't feel like she fit in.  But now as a junior at Godby she feels like she does.  She works at hard at school and has dreams of being a doctor.

Chaddrick Livingston

Chaddrick LivingstonChaddrick comes from a single-parent home and was often told he wouldn't amount to anything.  50 LARGE has really helped him turn that idea around and helped him become a more mature young man. He won't be staying with his mom forever.

Jamaric Proctor

Jamaric ProctorJamaric said he was never a bad kid, but now he has learned how to show his good side. 50 LARGE has helped him with computer skills and made him realize that school is the key to his success.

Amina Kamau

Amina Kamau

Amina gave over a thousand hours to the Obama campaign.  The eperience helped her understand the voting process and how important it is.

Marcus Stallworth

Marcus StallworthMarcus has turned his life around by earning good grades and awards.  He feels more confident and that 50 LARGE was instrumental in his success.  He would like to be a mentor and eventually a mechanical engineer.

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