Voices From The Classroom
Tyshun Thurman

Tyshun ThurmanTyshun is a junior at Jefferson County Middle/HS. He wants to go to college and play in the band although he doesn't know what he'd like to major in yet. He thinks that teachers make a big difference in the classroom.

Eddie Covington

Eddie CovingtonEddie was homeschooled and now he takes classes through Florida Virtual School.  He is 15 and hopes to get his GED by the time he is 16.  His passion is the ministry and he hopes to dedicate his life to that.

Briana Robinson

Briana RobinsonBriana moved to Monticello, FL from Williamsburg, VA in her junior year of high school. In senior year academics, she has found a healthy competition amongst her peers and hopes to earn college degrees in sociology and law.

Jordan Sutherland

SutherlandJordan is an 8th grader at Stars Middle School.  She was born in China and brought to the US before she was one year old.  She has become a confident young woman who loves math and science.  She loves that her school started a SciGirls club that meets after school.

Tiana Jarrell

JerrellTiana is a senior at Jefferson County Middle High School.  She has loved her time at this school and feels that the bad grade the school has earned doesn't reflect the quality of her education there.  Monticello is a small town where everyone knows everyone; she likes that.

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