Eating Healthy

Eating HealthyTied Third Place in The WFSU American Graduate Video Project - "Eating Healthy"


Reduce your risk of getting heart disease and diabetes by eating healthy.









Created by:

  • Princess Otia Nash
  • Jasmina Smoaks




Since January of 2012, WFSU has been working with students at the Success Academy at Ghazvini Learning Center.  Twenty-six students were selected to be part of a leadership class where they would set personal goals, take responsibility for their academic success and lead by example for the rest of the school.  These students met three times a week. One aspect of the program was to create short public service announcements or PSAs.  The students worked in groups and selected topics that were meaningful to them.  They wrote the scripts, selected and created the music, starred in them and oversaw the editing of the final videos.  The final four videos were judge by staff at WFSU.