WFSU Ready to Learn Prepares Students for Success

Teaching spellingWFSU's participation in the Ready to Learn initiative helps prepare students for success from an early age. Read more about Super Why! and the Transmedia Classroom.

Transmedia Classroom
The road to graduation starts early. WFSU-TV has partnered with Astoria Park Elementary to incorporate the PBS Learning Lab into their curriculum. The familiarity of the characters combined with the fun of game play creates an innovative way to reinforce educational objectives.

Super Why!
SUPER WHY Reading Camp is a breakthrough, weeklong program that invites kids to transform into Super Readers & practice key literacy skills. They were created for 4-6 year-olds with an emphasis on low-income families and extend the learning from the television series through episode viewing, extended learning activities, interactive literacy games, literacy-themed crafts, body movement exercises, branded music and take home worksheets.


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