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50 Large

50 Large

50 Large: Larry Thompson and Rhone Francis

The Graduation Gateway

The Graduation GatewayWatch the WFSU Documentary, "The Graduation Gateway."

Having a high school diploma makes a big difference when it comes to finding job. In Florida, efforts are being made to not only help students graduate, but to also make them career ready.  The WFSU-TV documentary The Graduation Gateway explores the economic challenges facing dropouts. Employers explain why they tend to not hire high school dropouts.  Schools talk about what they’re doing to get more students to graduate.  We also look at the recent surge of students entering “Career Academies” in Florida. Right now, 18% of all public high school students in the state are making the decision to train for specific careers before many can legally drive a car.

Study Hard

Study Hard

First Place in The WFSU American Graduate Video Project - "Study Hard"


Work that "A" - if you put your mind to it, you can do it every day.








Operation AGES

Operation Ages

Second Place in The WFSU American Graduate Video Project - "Operation AGES"


Operation American Graduate Economic Security - This teens tell how they will avoid becoming another statistic as a group of leaders.








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