About Operation AGES

Operation AGES (American Graduate to Economic Security) – Connecting Teens to their Future

GOALS: To connect students to their future; to understand the importance and value of a high school diploma; to map pathways to jobs and careers.

DESIGN: 18-week program meeting once a week for a class period (January 2012-May 2012). 25 students from the Ghazvini Learning Center will be selected to participate in an intensive examination on connecting to future aspirations through a series of exercises that examine social and emotional well-being, preparing for academic success and learning about potential professions.

LEADERSHIP: WFSU will contract Zachary Richardson, President of the Character Center. Zack Richardson has more than 20 years of professional experience teaching, counseling, and mentoring "at-risk" youth of all ages. To date he has spoken, trained, and performed before more than 20,000 students and parents.


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